Now a duo with special guests

soul retriever dec 14 gigThe Soul Retrievers is now a duo. We’ve said goodbye to Taylor and wish him well. He’s a great player and one day he’ll find a group of musicians he can really get behind. Bueno suerte!

Our last gig at Black Mesa Winery was very encouraging for a debut. Robert Parsons joined us on the fiddle for a couple of tunes and it gave us an idea for ways to approach future performances – invite many of our outstanding musicians and performers to sit in with us and help us get that special Taos sound for our psychedelic aesthetic. We’ve extended invitations so far to Parsons, David Hinske, and also hope Fred Shumate is also able to join us sometime soon. Other invitations will be extended once we’re a little more stabilized since we’ve just learned our favorite listening room will be closing at the end of the year.

Black Mesa Winery’s Taos Tasting Room has been a wonderful breeding ground for our “underground” music scene. In other words, in a world of bar bands and blues hounds, it was nice to have a room where newbies and old pros were welcomed and listened to.